"The ability to turn creative ideas into a tangible product".

"We bring our customers' ideas to life by transforming them into unique products through trend insight, craftsmanship, high technology and creative solutions."

A+A offers competent consulting services on an international level. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions to our customers through different business paths, working efficiently and accurately, because we believe that to 'be ahead of the game, timing is everything.

"We empower brands through
our creativity and savoir-faire'.

With a customised approach, we help each of our clients achieve their business goals. We determine the creative design, guide product development or provide reports and forecasts on category-specific trends. Based on customers' specific market and product stories, we exclusively develop patterns, colours, prints and more. Our know-how on unique materials, fabrics and patterns makes us an essential partner for the creation of relevant, high-end products.




Observe and collect




Assimilate and create




Execute and Deliver




Through all our years of know-how in the realisation of CMF + P, A+A aims to provide a kind of emotional catalyst, as it plays a very important role in the way customers perceive and evaluate a product. Its visual and tactile message communicates the personality of a brand, making its products emotionally appealing. These four letters are inspired by our senses, sight, feelings and instinctive perceptions in our daily lives, encoding them and giving them a shape, a surface, a new design and aesthetics.


C = Colour Development & Colour Analysis & Colour Combinations

An in-depth research of the key colours of each season, born from our analysis and decoding of trends. We decipher and identify the most important colours according to the customer's needs and application possibilities. Colours can be realised on different surfaces and through innovative techniques.


M = Material Research & Material Development & Material Manipulation

Our selection of materials is based on future trends and the constant search for new materials in all industries, suitable and applicable to the customer's needs as sample prototypes. The aim of the samples, which are created or manipulated in-house by our highly skilled professionals, semi-industrial machines and material laboratory, is to capture the visual effects of different combinations and techniques in order to effectively and efficiently take designs from concept to reality.


F = Finish = Research Innovative Finish & Develop Innovative Finish & Customise unique finish.

The finish of each material is what makes it unique. A+A plays with different techniques to offer our customers prototypes with interesting and creative finishes. We work with many international CMF designers from all sectors to bring new ideas and inspiration for their brand and product offering. We strive to bring our customers customised finishes that can be functional and durable for their product offering.


P = Exclusive Pattern = Create Exclusive Patterns & Customise Exclusive Patterns & Produce Sensorial Experience

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we can also create exclusive patterns that can be applied to any material or surface as sample prototypes to add finish or texture. These patterns are adaptable to many industries, materials and products. Over the years, we have expanded our know-how and experience, providing exclusive prints and patterns on almost any surface, in order to stimulate innovation and strategic designs through our in-depth analysis of future trends.


It is important for any brand to stay at the forefront of emerging trends, especially in such a competitive and fast-changing market. A+A offers customers innovative ideas, constantly updating our design repertoire and merging evolving trends with style and experience. Therefore, A+A offers customised trend presentations to brands around the world, integrating our key trend direction in line with our customers' expectations and product offerings. As creative designers and trend experts, our task is to stimulate our customers' creativity, but above all to empathise with them, understand and respond to their needs and market conditions. We believe that empathy creates a connection and stimulates creativity!


Due to a constantly changing market and changing consumer attitudes and desires, fashion brands must be able to anticipate these changes in fashion, lifestyle and consumer culture. With a team of international creatives and experts, A+A is able to decipher these new trends and assist our clients in developing key collections that fit their product offering. We provide assistance from the initial brainstorming phase through to the final delivery of the collection dossier, which includes fabric selection, range and customised colour harmonies, silhouettes and products, as well as vector designs.


A+A offers its customers customised workshops both in the Milan office and abroad. A team-specific half-day collaboration in which we will encourage you to look beyond your own brand, observe trends in other sectors and have a stimulating experience to generate new ideas, share a vision of future trends, promote discussions through different formats, from digital presentations, material sensory games, colour selection and much more!


Our customised trendbook service allows us to bring our key insights into your brand. We can provide a customised trendbook for the marketing and design team. The books include all the necessary tools to clearly present the collection both internally and to customers, made-to-measure and complete with exclusive fabric selections and manipulations, key trend colours and harmonies, special material samples with CMF designs (also vectors), inspirational images and story telling.